PHP code intelligence.
Cross platform.
Any editor.

Professional PHP development tooling for any Language Server Protocol capable editor.

  • Code completion

    Fast, context aware auto-complete suggestions (IntelliSense).

  • Diagnostics

    Detect problems in your code as you type.

  • Find all references

    Quickly find symbol references within the workspace.

  • Formatting

    PSR-12 compatible document and range formatting.

  • Go to definition

    Quickly navigate to symbol definitions.

  • Highlight

    Intelligent highlighting of symbols within documents.

  • Hover

    View detailed symbol information with links to official PHP documentation.

  • Signature help

    View detailed parameter hints for call expressions.

  • Symbol search

    Find symbols quickly within a document or workspace.

  • Renamestar

    Easily rename a symbol within a document or across the entire workspace.

  • Code foldingstar

    Fold definitions, blocks, use declarations, heredoc strings, comments and custom regions.

  • Find all implementationsstar

    Quickly find all implementations of an interface or abstract symbol.

  • Go to declarationstar

    Quickly navigate to interface and abstract method declarations.

  • Go to type definitionstar

    Quickly navigate to variable type definitions.

star Buy an Intelephense licence to access premium features.

Each licence grants a single end user access to all current and future premium features on multiple devices forever.

Licence keys are distributed by Intelephense, Australia, ABN 30638949452, and are covered by the End User Licence Agreement.

If you are using an editor other than Visual Studio Code then please confirm that your LSP client supports the premium features.