Professional PHP tooling for any Language Server Protocol capable editor.

Intelephense is a high performance, cross platform PHP language server adhering to the Language Server Protocol (LSP).

When paired with an LSP capable editor it provides an essential set of code intelligence features for a productive and rich PHP development experience.

  • Code completion. Fast camel/underscore case context aware suggestions with automatic addition of use declarations.
  • Signature help. View detailed parameter hints for call expressions.
  • Go to definition. Quickly navigate to symbol definitions.
  • Find all references. Quickly find symbol references within the workspace.
  • Symbol search. Fast camel/underscore text search for workspace and document symbol definitions.
  • Diagnostics. Error tolerant parser and powerful static analysis engine report problems as you type.
  • Formatting. PSR12 compatible full document and range formatting.
  • Embedded language support. Includes HTML/JS/CSS code intelligence too.
  • Hover. Detailed hover information with links to official PHP documentation.
  • Highlight. Smart highlighting of references and keywords.
  • Easily rename symbols with automatic file/folder renaming too.
  • starCode Accurate folding of definitions, blocks, use declarations, heredoc, comments, and custom regions.
  • starFind all Quickly find implementations of interfaces, abstract classes and associated methods.
  • starGo to type Quickly navigate to variables and parameter type definitions.
  • starGo to Quickly navigate to interface or abstract method declarations.
  • starSmart Intelligently expand/shrink text selection based on parse tree.
  • starCode Import symbols, add (template configurable) PHPDoc, and implement all abstract methods.

star Buy an Intelephense licence to access premium features. star

Intelephense is released to end users under a "freemium" model. Purchase of a licence grants a single end user access to all current and future premium features on multiple devices forever.

Licence keys are distributed by Intelephense, Australia, ABN 30638949452, and are covered by the End User Licence Agreement.

If you are using an editor other than Visual Studio Code then please confirm that your LSP client supports the premium features.

Payments are processed by Stripe